Mother’s Day in the Empire State

Or, An Answer to the Arraignment of Women

Constantia “Connie” Munda

author and illustrator

Constantia “Connie” Munda is a multi-talented author, illustrator, and Child Protection Services officer, who has penned the compelling novel, Mother’s Day in the Empire State, Or An Answer to the Arraignment of Women. As a single mother of two children and a veteran military officer, Connie brings a unique perspective to her writing, drawing from her extensive experience in military intelligence.

About the Book

Set in the fictional town of Allegheny in the New York Empire State, Connie Munda (a single mother and veteran military intelligence officer turned Child Protection Services officer) investigates two mothers accused of child abuse. The novel provides a raw unflinching look at the challenges faced by mothers in both poverty and luxury highlighting the grim state of American children today.

Set as a deposition novel discovered in the Public Records of the Allegheny Family Court, Mother’s Day in the Empire State delves into three distinct stories of motherhood in America. Munda critically examines the concept of motherhood. Drawing inspiration from the original intent of Mothers Day by Anna Jarvis in 1906 as an antiwar holiday, the novel challenges the sentimentalized view of motherhood propagated by modern society.

Chapter One

Introductions, Comments, Suggestions

This Deposition is from May 9th, 2021, and it is being prepared in response to Complaint # 21–4532 and Complaint # 21–6154. Both child abuse complaints come from the Town of Allegheny, New York. They are anonymous complaints about two (2) mothers abusing their children. My name is Officer Constantia “Connie” Munda, and my badge number is number is three, one, four (#314). I’ve been a Child Protection Specialist (CPS) for twelve (12) years in the New York Empire State.

5–9–21, 12:09 am

Dear Honorable Family Court and Good Reader…