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Mother’s Day in the Empire State

Chapter One

Introductions, Comments, Suggestions

This Deposition is from May 9th, 2021, and it is being prepared in response to Complaint # 21–4532 and Complaint # 21–6154. Both child abuse complaints come from the Town of Allegheny, New York. They are anonymous complaints about two (2) mothers abusing their children. My name is Officer Constantia “Connie” Munda, and my badge number is number is three, one, four (#314). I’ve been a Child Protection Specialist (CPS) for twelve (12) years in the New York Empire State.

5–9–21, 12:09 am

Dear Honorable Family Court and Good Reader: I’m driving way too fast and it’s a little after midnight, the beginning of Mother’s Day in the New York Empire State. The moon on my western horizon plays games with me and the silvery clouds that are moving in my same westerly direction. “Going West” here in northern Appalachia is the prevailing wind both physically and metaphysically. The American pilgrim traffic has been so thick here for the spiritual and financially desperate and their families for the last two hundred and thirty–four (234) years that this land is called the “Scorched earth.”

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