Mother’s Day in the Empire State

Or, An Answer to the Arraignment of Women

“Part narrative, part court case, the hybridity of Mother’s Day in the Empire State brings the reader closer to the true experience of family pain than either form could on its own. We watch as the law, with its rigid, “rational” understanding of human behavior, tries to contain and punish generational trauma, while history, both personal and global, defies all attempts at control. Ribbons of poetry bump up against cold fact, hand-drawn images become court exhibits. This book is a battle between logic and emotion, life and death. Its strangeness will linger.”

—Dr. Rachel Abramowitz

“An engaging work investigating two complaints of child abuse through the testimony of a CPS officer, told as an enduring record of evidence. Quite literally, this book takes the form of a deposition transcript to the Family Court of New York State. … Through vivid satire, word play, a lucid sense of self-awareness, and an acute awareness of the world Munda denounces child abuse, confronts the methodology of the family, and questions the reach of patriarchy. This is an excellent book and I, too, find myself looking to the heavens and exclaiming, “AAAaaammmen!”

—Geoffrey Gatza

“The retort to a 1615 pamphlet takes the form of illustrations, speeches, and winding monologues in the style of texts such as Notes from the Underground. It’s a hypnotic blend that will keep you turning the pages!”

—Dr. Kyle McCord, author of Reunion of the Good Weather Suicide Cult