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Constantia “Connie” Munda

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Constantia “Connie” Munda is a multi-talented author, illustrator, and Child Protection Services officer, who has penned the compelling novel, Mother’s Day in the Empire State, Or An Answer to the Arraignment of Women. As a single mother of two children and a veteran military officer, Connie brings a unique perspective to her writing, drawing from her extensive experience in military intelligence.

Hailing as the granddaughter of Anna Jarvis, the West Virginia woman who founded Mother’s Day in 1906 as an anti-war holiday, Connie is deeply committed to re-examining and challenging the societal norms and expectations surrounding motherhood in America. Through her work, she aims to unearth and expose child abuse wherever it exists and to provide readers with a raw, unflinching look at the challenges faced by mothers in today’s society.

Connie’s writing style is influenced by literary giants such as Virginia Woolf, Voltaire, Flannery O’Connor, and Walt Whitman, blending free-verse prose, satirical elements, and a non-linear narrative to create a unique and engaging reading experience. She also showcases her artistic talents through fifteen original illustrations and/or watercolor paintings included in her novel, offering readers a comprehensive insight into the realities of motherhood.

As the author of the second installment in Free-Grace Press’s five-novel series about free-grace philosophy, Connie’s work invites readers to reconsider their understanding of motherhood and its societal implications, offering hope and insights for positive change in this challenging age, making her novel a timely and essential read for all.