Like all good Awakenings and revolutions, the Great Awakening and the American Revolution started with a good conversation. But when and with whom did that good conversation start? New England Transcendentalism started somewhere, but where and how? The seed of Civil Disobedience was planted by someone in Massachusetts, but by who and why?

In the polemic spirit of Jane Anger’s The Protection for Women we publish The Worming of America as a rebuttal to Joseph Swetnam’s novel published in 1615 titled, The Arraignment of Lewd, Idle, Forward, and Unconstant Women: or the Vanity of Them, Choose You Whether: With a Commendation of Wise, Virtuous and Honest Women: Pleasant For Married Men, Profitable For Young Men, and Hurtful to None.

Our author and illustrator Autumn Leaf, in the spring of 1650 Boston, shares her thoughts, pain, and drawings with you, the reader, for over four hours on the morning of June 1st. Our American journey will be filled with ups and downs / twists and turns — where our own ideas of civilization, religion, sin, debt, and humanity are questioned.

The sun will shine tomorrow even as you read or look into this dark comedy, and for better or worse the truth will be felt and laid bare in the American sunlight. Not because we live within our Fathers’ Age of Reason, no… quite the opposite. The Worming of America will be heard in 2018 and beyond because America now lives in the age of treason.

Format: Textbook, 344 pages, 6×9″

Table of Contents

Illustrations, Introduction,
Foreword, Preface

Chapter 1

Not a Mayflower, but a Lioness

Crowns for Kids

Chapter 2

Living with the Terrorist


Made in London

Chapter 3



Neg-Am Jam

Chapter 4

William Demopheare

Ms. Appleton

A Boston Education; Or I’m Better Than You

Chapter 5

Spread the Bro-Word

At Home with Hate

Devil’s Divorce Island

Homeroom Inspection

Chapter 6

Black Knight Daughter

Religion is War

Chapter 7

Is Your Daddy a Wounded Warrior or a Wounded Murderer?

Because God Told Me

Chapter 8

Multiple-Choice Imperialism

Do the Pequots Understand Profit Sharing?

Chapter 9

I Don’t Have a Boat

Sunday Painter

Chapter 10

This Is Child Abuse

Capitalist Perverts

Chapter 11

Israel Didn’t Just Squirm, Our Entire World Squirms

Good Morning, Elizabeth

Chapter 12

The English Civil War on American Holiday

Not Real, but for a White-Devil Male: Ideal

Chapter 13

Why Has Providence Been Outlawed?

God Works in Mysterious Ways

Chapter 14

Autumn Leaf


My Maker

Chapter 15

Might Does Make Right

I’ve Never Met An Elder Here