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Hello Job Seekers,

I’m a professional Information Technology woman who needs a House Manager and Business Manager (preferably female or above average male) who gets Housing in Exchange for blue collar and white collar work. Manager will perform 40 hours of work per month in exchange for cabin with separate driveway. Manager should be an outdoorsy / camping type of person.

House Manager is ideally an artist, writer, or entrepreneur, who needs more time and space to complete their work in a peaceful and quiet environment.

House Manager (5 hours a week, 20 a month) doing laundry, vacuum, mop, and polish) for Weekend Rental House.

House Manager needs to also be good at Business Management – white collar administration, advertising, and/or marketing (5 hours a week, 20 a month) for a new publishing company.

House Managers would ideally have managerial / maintenance experience and business experience. Please reply with resume, portfolio links, social media links, and having had positive and responsible life experiences such – Military Veterans Honorably Discharged, College Degrees Completed, Peace Corp Service Completed, Internships successfully completed, Successful Business and/or Arts Projects (Profit and/or Non-Profit) Completed, etc..

A normal real estate rental application with business, character references, and credit check will be forwarded to qualified candidates.

Any Questions No Problem and Thanks for your Interest! 

About Free-Grace Press

We’re a brand new publishing company looking for Creative Directors around the US and world to work remotely helping publicize, brand, market, and distribute books, audiobooks, and merchandise.

Thanks again for your interest!

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